Punjabi Alphabet Cubes - As-Is

Punjabi Alphabet Cubes - As-Is

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We made these alphabet cube sets with soooo much love but somehow in the hand stitching of these sets, a few alphabets got missed out and some were duplicated. 

So, the 35 characters might (50-75% chance) have 1 or 2 characters missing and that means 1 or 2 characters are duplicated. 

We are selling these at 50% off at $12. 

These are sold as-is and there is a 20-25% chance that the set you get will be complete.   

Special product from us for your kids.  We are proud to present these in 4 languages.

35 Painti Akhri characters on 6 stuffed cubes.
Natural Cotton outer layer 2.5 inch cubes stuffed with synthetic filling less than 200 grams total.
Soft cubes are big enough that cannot be swallowed.
Soft cubes are soft enough to not cause injury.


We highly encourage that these cubes be not given to a child below 3.