Natural Turban - Chai colored

Natural Turban - Chai colored

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Update Jan 15th, 2017

Currently  AVAILABLE in 3 and 4 meter cuts, one meter width.

I was in India this past October, 2015 and my Masi (aunt) said she can dye some Turbans for me without chemicals.

I said, "Go for it"

she did some magic, boiled the Turban in salt.  Boiled another patila with tea and in the tea she soaked the Turban.

We created a light brown Turban which looks like chai color.  We started with the Natural Turban.

This Chai Turban has

    • No Chemicals

    • No Dyes

    • No Bleach

    • Has Chai and salt.

It has been hand washed 3 times and the color has retained.  We did not dry it in the Sun, so please don't dry it in direct Sunshine for more than 5 minutes.

A 100% money back guaranteed.  Support our commitment to using Natural chemical free dyes.