Marigold dyed - Natural Turban

Marigold dyed - Natural Turban

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Last year, in 2016, I was in Delhi visiting my aunt.  I was pestering her to help me bring more plant based dyed turbans to the gosikh family.

We had a free day, I think it was her Sunday.   Soon, we had a camp of burners going and water was boiling and we got a bag full of marigold flowers from the vendor outside the nearest mandir.

We plucked the marigold leaves and started boiling them.  See pictures.  Soon, we had a few Marigold Turbans.

These marigold dyed turbans are:
No Chemicals
No dyes
No bleach
Plant based natural dyes.

Please do consider this beautiful Turban, it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Purchasing this will allow us to invest more into the natural dyes and we can bring more turbans.