F74 - White Turban - multi-Colored Hem

F74 - White Turban - multi-Colored Hem

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This is a 3 or 4 Meter Sikh F74 Turban with two side hemmed/stitched with multi colored thread, these are 1 meter wide

Most Sikhs wear a Turban to cover their hair. Some folks taking part in Kundalini Yoga also wear a Turban. The Turban worn is white. We have been selling Turbans for the last 10 years and are happy to offer one on Etsy.

These Turbans are made for us specially for GoSikh customers.

F74 is a light cotton material that is half the weight of a traditional turban. F74 is a material made in the 70s by one mill and most of the kundalini yogis and yoginis, wore F74. That mill has since closed down and some of other mills picked up this type cloth. We have sourced the best cloth at the same weight and thread count. Our F74 is good quality material that surpasses the quality of any market bought F74.