Sterling Silver Khanda Set - Three finishes

Sterling Silver Khanda Set - Three finishes

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We are very happy to present a two sided Sterling Silver Khanda.

One side is matte finish, the other is polished silver.

Three silver finishes, silver, gold and rose gold.  The underlying metal is sterling silver.

The Pendant and chain is coated to avoid tarnishing of Silver.  The Silver is 925 Sterling Silver.  The size is about the size of a dime.

It is tasteful and simple.

the necklace comes with the pendant and is 16" +1 and +1. That means it is 16" to the 1st latch and then another latch at 17 and 18" each

Please note that the necklace set is hand made and may be slightly different as pictured.

Each set has 1 goUtility and the 3 set has 3 goUtility