Tie Dye Patka - Yellow, Dark Blue or Gold Brown

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*********** THESE PATKAS are for USA ONLY *************

We just got these samples and wanted to to get these out to you for you to give these a go.  Limited supplies only. 

we make our own patkas and we stand by the quality of these patkas. They will last a long time, with daily wear.  For sports, they might get worn out faster. 

Do give these a try, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

These Patkas are packets of 3 patkas. 

Small Patka - (21" x 21")
Medium Patka - (24" X 24")
Large Patka - (27" X 27")

Patkas are made out of Rubia cloth material.  Each patkas has 4 strings (tuhnees), which are double stitched to strengthen the weakest point.

These sets get you 1 goUtility, your name will be added to our utility list and each set gets you one entry.