Bali Light Indigo Turban - 2024 designs - 3 meter Turban only

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In 2024, we are working with our colleagues in Bali to come up with some Turbans that are not too expensive.   We have 3 designs we are trying.  Each Turban is 3 meters only and I believe these turbans have the dye work on both sides (still trying the best way to get these amazing turbans at a price where everyone can afford)

Due to higher costs, we are trying a partial Turban dye that gives you an option to use the dyed part as the last LHUR, the last go around the head. 

These are hand dyed in Bali with love.  I think each design has only 1 turban only, they kept 1 of each for sample. 

This is a pre-sale for Turbans I am hand carrying to California.  We will mail these out at the end of April, early May.