Women Kacchera Natural - Cotton

Women Kacchera Natural - Cotton

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Natural cloth means no bleach, no dye, no chemicals post mill work.  This is called dye ready material.

The Kaccheras are Unisex.  The only reason we have a slight difference in Women v/s men is because of the thigh width.  Men are usually larger but we don't want to say that women are not equally as large.

The other thing that is slightly different is the length of the kacchera.

Please browse through the size table below and pick a size that best suits you.

S - Small
M - Medium
L - Large
XL - X Large


Size Waist A Height B Leg C
S-Women 30" 13.5" 10.5"
M-Women 32" 14" 11.5"
L-Women 34.5" 14.5" 12"
XL-Women 35.5" 17" 12.5"
2XL-Women 39" 18.5" 13.5"