Organic Cotton Turban - As-Is

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 A few of our Organic Turban got a few marks of water damage.  The marks will probably be hidden in the fold of your tied Turban. 

These are still high quality turbans with slight imperfection.  This Turban should last you decades. 

AS1-AS10 ten turban, please see image. 


Cotton is one of the top 3 most polluting plants in the world, in terms of chemicals used as fertilizer and pesticide.

Organic cotton farmers use biological and natural pesticides and fertilizers, which also protects the top soil.  Less chemicals means safer and better cotton for you.

Currently available only in 3 meter length x ~29 inches width. The length sides are hemmed/stitched.  The color is Natural cotton color, unbleached.

GOTS and OCS certified Organic Cotton.