What is a Turban?

Gurpreet has a great page regarding Turbans, how to tie a Turban and more. That webpage can be reached by clicking here.

Turban tying videos can be found on Sikhnet’s website here.

I want to use this space and share what my Turban means to me. While I have always been a Sikh as long as I have existed, I learn more about my religion, my faith each passing day.

I wear my Turban as a mark of Respect to my elders and the Gurus.
I wear my Turban with Dignity
I wear my Turban as a Tribute to the Gurus
I wear my Turban to pray for all the Sikhs who have sacrificed their lives so we can have a better one
I wear my Turban with Pride to show to the world that I am Proud to be a Sikh
I wear my Turban as a sign of a humble creation of God.
I wear my Turban so I can find another in the crowd.
I wear my Turban because it is part of me and I would not have it any other way.

Turban is a valuable and sacred piece of cloth (many meters in length) that Sikh Men and Women use to cover their Kesh (Hair).

A Turban is supposed to be untied and tied daily and the Turban deserves the highest respect and should be placed in a respectable place in the house.

Many religions and cultures require their followers to wear a Turban or a head covering. Sikhs cover their head with a Turban.

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