Art Areturnedturban

What is ART?
A Reused Turban is a closed loop goSikh turban that can be returned to us via mail.  That means, you have something to do with an unused turban instead of throwing it out or letting it sit in your closet.

When can I return a GoSikh Turban back to you?
After 5 years, we want to encourage you to wear it for at least 5 years.

Can I return a non-goSikh Turban?
At this time, the answer is No. We want to start with turbans..

Will you get any money for the returned turban?
We will give you a $5 credit per turban to be used for a purchase.


If you return a 10 year old turban, we will give you a $10 per turban credit.

Maximum* of 2 turbans per year can be returned.

*I can be convinced to accept more gosikh turbans.

What will we do with your used Turban?
Give it to someone that needs a Turban (Free Turban) or for an art project.

What is the procedure to send an ART?
1. Email us that you would like to send an ART (A Reused Turban) and date purchased, must be 4 years or older.
2. If we give you an ok, please mail the washed turbans (max 2) to us, address via email.
3. We will email you the store credit with no minimum to buy.