In case you are coming to this page, please note that we have stopped our Singapore shop for now. 

      there is low demand in Asia for our patkas and very little support from the local Gurudwaras to help us get the word out.  

      Serving the community takes effort and Gurudwaras are the one community center where Sikhs meet.  We were hoping that the local Singapore Gurudwara would allow us to post a flyer, but we had no luck. 

      we will request you to purchase from the Australia office if you really need these items.

      Mailing from Singapore had the following benefits: 

      1.  Lower carbon footprint. 

      2. Mailing cost is lower.  FREE Shipping to customers in Singapore and Malaysia

      3. Faster delivery times. 

      Buy Sikh Patkas in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, S. Korea, Japan and Middle East  via the australia goSikh location 

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