Why should you buy your Sikh turban from GoSikh.com?

Edited on Sunday July 23rd, 2023.
We are one of many stores that sell Sikh Turbans online. Why should you buy Sikh Turbans from us? There are many reasons you should buy from us and here are 10 of them:
  1. We are an earth friendly business, that means we sell the best material/products that last a long time.
  2. We use AZO free dyes, some dyes contain AZO that is harmful to the dyer, us and to you.
  3. We use the best cotton material, related to point 1.
  4. We sell Organic cotton turbans as well, Organic = no chemicals.
  5. We sell Natural turbans, which is very close to Organic except we cannot get a certificate to prove it. It is dye ready material that means it is not dyed or bleached.
  6. We donate a bunch of our money to Sikh and non-Sikh non-profits.
  7. We lend money through Kiva.org. So far, we have helped 400 groups, approximately ~2000 families to start their business. Here is our profile on Kiva.org.
  8. We help others start their business and support artists who are making art and films.
  9. We sponsor events that touch our heart.
  10. Your money helps pay for my food, rent and travels. I thank you for this.

Every item we bring to you is made with love and my family has some way made this possible. It is an honor to serve you and while we are not perfect, we thrive to get better. Our goal is to add more and more Organic products that will allow you to have a healthier product to use and we will tax the planet a little less. Please do give us a chance to serve you if you are new to us, message me if you have any questions. Thank you