Turban care - How do I make a Turban last a few years

Sangat Jio,

I have Turbans that have lasted me a decade or more, yes, they are on their last leg and I refuse to part with them (yes, i am sentimental).

Here are some basic steps to make the Turban last longer:
1. Hand wash them in cold water.
2. Air Dry them, preferably in the shade and not direct sunshine.
3. Avoid Sunshine (yes, the main culprit) as much as possible.
4. Sweat and Sunshine can cause loss of color.
5. Avoid high heat dryers.
6. If you can avoid, please avoid making a hole in the Turban when you snug your salai in your Turban.

We hope that your Turban will last long and the color will stay strong.

Please note: Some colors fade faster than other colors, that is just the way things work.

Thanks for giving us a chance to serve.
GoSikh.com team.