Sikh Patkas and Chunnis in Canada is proud to bring Sikh Patkas and Chunnis for your kids to Canada. 

We mail Patkas and Chunnis from British Columbia (low shipping costs) to 

Alberta · British Columbia · Manitoba · New Brunswick · Newfoundland and Labrador · Northwest Territories · Nova Scotia · Nunavut · Ontario · Prince Edward Islands · Quebec · Saskatchewan · Yukon

We are offering Patkas in 10 colors and Chunnis in 10 colors. 

We make our own Patkas and they are made with Rubia cloth that we source, then we dye it and then we make the patkas.  Our Patkas come with 4 strings (tunney) and are double stitched to last longer. 

GoSikh Patkas sometimes last 6-7 years.   Please msg me if you have any questions. 

Examples of shipping costs are: 

1 packet of Patkas (any size) within Canada will mail for $6 CAD

2 packets of Small or Medium Patkas will mail also for $6 CAD. 

2 packets of Large Patkas will mail for $11 CAD. 

3-4 packets of Patkas will mail for $11 CAD.