Your First Turban, how many meters should it be?

Satnam Jio,

It is an honor to serve someone their first Turban. You might be a practicing Sikh, starting your journey as a Sikh, or someone who is getting one for another purpose, in either case you will be wearing a sacred piece of cloth that reminds you of being a Sikh.

How long should your Turban be?

let me start with my stats: I am small to medium build and I am 5 feet 9.5 inches in height *yeah! I can use every little bit of height advantage I can get* and I wear a 4 meter and a 5 meter Turban.

If you are new to Sikhi and are growing your Kesh *hair*, then a 2-3 meter Turban will be a good start. As your hair gets longer and you can make a Jhoorah *hair bun* then you can consider a Turban of longer length. The width of the Turban is ~1 meter, which is fixed for Adult Turban (the width is 1/2 for Kids Turbans)

We usually sell Turbans in the length of 3-7 meters, where 2 and 8+ meters are rarely.

The color is of course something you connect with. I have to tell you that I have a Turban of almost every color imaginable, I love to coordinate Turban colors. My favorite will always remain White.

Material choices, we sell F74 (lightest), Full Voile (medium) and Rubia (thickest). The lightest material has less thread count. The material gets softer the longer you wear it. Some of the favorite Turbans are those that I have had for years, they are soft and wrinkle free for some reason.

Please feel free to contact me at gosikh a-t gmail with any questions.  If you are ready to buy a Turban from us, here is a 15% off coupon, "FirstTurban", minimum order is $30. 

Please note: That you can always get a Turban one meter bigger than you need, easy to cut the 1 meter cloth than to get a Turban that is short (cannot add a meter easily)