Kundalini Yoga Turban, which one should I buy?

You are into Kundalini yoga and you are ready to wear a Turban. Congratulations on making this choice. We are happy you found GoSikh.com, we sell turbans to people of all faiths and practices. You looked through the Turban section of our store and saw a lot of choices. Confused? Don't know which one you should buy? Let me try and guide you. Here are some starting points:
  1. Ask your Yoga teacher, what they wear? They might have a stash of turbans that they can offer you to choose from, this might save you time and perhaps money.
  2. Ask someone in your yoga class that wears an amazing turban. They might help you.
  3. If all else fails, I would suggest F74 white turban, it is light and breathable and will be perfect for your yoga needs.
  4. F74 is available in a few colors but mostly folks wear white.
  5. If you want something heavier than F74, try full voile
  6. if you want something heavier than full voile, try Rubia.
if you have a lot of hair and you tie it into a top knot, try 4 meters. If you have less hair, then 3 meters should suffice. hope this helps, send me an email through Gosikh AT gmail i wish you my best and I hope you will give us a chance to serve you with your turban needs. We also sell Kurti or Tunics for women and men.