How do we at GoSikh reduce waste.


Dear Friends,

We sell Turbans and most are 100% cotton Turbans.  As you might know that cotton is a highly polluting plant.  Cotton uses a lot of chemicals to grow especially pesticide. We know that cotton is bad for the planet but it is also biodegradable. 

We need to innovate and are on our way. Here are a few ways we are reducing waste:

  1. We are selling the highest quality of Turbans which will last 5-10 years at the minimum with some care. That means, a person can use only 30-60 Turbans their entire life.
  2. We are introducing Organic Turbans  and Hemp Turbans, Organic Turbans use very little water and no chemicals. The carbon footprint is lower for these Turbans.
  3. We are mailing once a week, that reduces the trips we make to the post office. We also use first class mail option to allow for best use of postal resources to deliver the product, again with lower carbon footprint.
  4. We use paper envelopes (image above) where we can to reduce the use of plastic.

Overall, we are moving in a good direction. We would like to use more Organic products to allow for less use of chemicals and pesticides in this world. Less water usage helps us all.