Buying Sikh Turbans and Patkas from Canada

You live in Canada and you need Patkas and Turbans for yourself or your family.  You have a few choices: 

1. Buy Turbans/Patkas from India

2. Buy Turbans/Patkas from a store in Canada

3. Buy Turbans/Patkas from USA. 


We are based in California and if your needs are the following: 

Scenario A:  the cost of three Patkas is 12 dollars and the mailing cost to Canada is $13.  I don't make up the shipping costs.  It is ridiculous, I know and I wish I could change that.  So, roughly $25 for 3 patkas.

Scenario B:  the cost of 12 patkas Patkas is 36-48 dollars and the mailing cost to Canada is $21.  So, roughly $60 for 12 patkas. 

Scenario C:  A five meter Turban will cost you $20 (mailing cost alone) to mail to Canada, I am sorry it is so expensive.  

Scenario D: 3 five meter Turbans will cost you roughly $30 to mail to Canada.  That is $10 per turban just for the mailing cost.    

If you are looking to buy 3 Turbans or 12 patkas, then the cost of mailing can be justified.   

Msg me via this website and I will try and answer more questions.  We would love to help you with your needs. 

Please Please also note that Canada Post might charge you VAT, we are not responsible for that.