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We cannot help everyone, but we can definitely try

I started a few years ago to do Seva.  My task was to serve the Sikh community.  This pet project has since grown and we serve many communities including the Islamic community here and abroad.

I have also been lucky in the sense that I have always had another way of making enough money to pay my bills.  so, in essence any profit made from GoSikh was money we could invest back in the business or donate.

We love to donate,  that is something I got from my maternal side of the family.   I know, I know, donating is more for our satisfaction than for the end cause.  There is some truth to that but we love donating in either case.

At any given time, there are sooooo many calamities and so many causes that are worthy of our donation.  I have a hard time balancing it all out.   On one hand there are natural or man made disasters that need immediate attention and then there is world hunger.  There are homeless and hungry people right in our own backyard.

I have recently been following and what they do.  They are providing clean water wells or technologies to rural parts of the world.

It is sad that we cannot help everyone that needs help but we can try our best.

we are blessed to be given a chance to make a difference in the Sikh community around the world and it is a privilege to take the money we make and donate it to a worthy cause.

We will do our best to find a cause every month that we will focus on and donate a % of our monthly sales to that cause.   However, we will continue to support past causes as we go forward.   I think I need help with just managing all of this effort.  *hint: community manager*

I have to also say thanks to all those who have allowed us to serve them, without you we would not be here today.  I have to assure you that for every $20 we have to spend on our business, I have to think more than twice, is it worth it?.  Can this money go to a worthy cause that can make an immediate impact?

Thank you.

We look forward to growing and in essence giving more back.

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