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US Postal Service raises International Mailing Rates by 45-80%

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

On Jan 27th, 2013. USPS increased their rates to help balance their deficit. The increase in rates within US were very small, the majority of the increase fell on International mailing.

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As you can see from the table above,  I got this from website.  The right column is 2012 rate and left column is 2013 rate.   Rates to Canada jumped up 80%, rates to Mexico jumped up 60%, other countries jumped up 40%

A 3 meter Turban used to cost us ~$9 dollars to mail from California to UK, that is now up to ~$12 dollars.  Similarly, a small Turban to Australia now costs $12+ in mailing.

This is a huge shock to us as a majority of our Sangat is in other countries.   We are trying our best to find other sources of mailing but USPS is by far the cheapest for overseas/International shipping.

We are requesting All International Customers to please make sure that the mailing charges you pay, Shipping + Taxes > $12 for the smallest order. We need to have a $12 minimum shipping charge for 1 Turban orders or we will have to request more monies from you.

A temporary solution is to go to the Invoice and check what you are slated to pay and then going to the “Contact Us” page and adding additional Mailing charges to the shopping cart.

We are really Sorry but we cannot eat $4-6 per order for small orders. We have to pass most of this increase along to you.

We are going to work on this in the near future, not sure how we can lower the mailing charges but all brain power is being applied.

Thanks for your continued support.

Please note: The rate change only affects those who order 1 Turban or 1 set of Patkas from Non-US cities.  We base cost of mailing outside US is gone up but it averages out if you buy 2 or more Turbans.   So, please anticipate future needs and order 2 items, this way, you don’t have to pay $12 mailing for each of those two items, if ordered separately.

Guri Singh

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