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The Gurus did not want a Golden Temple

* I know this will raise some eye brows *

Our Golden temple is revered and loved by one and all, not just Sikhs. It is open to all and as it should be, everyone is welcome to visit, stay, eat and pray.

I do feel that somewhere along the way, HarMandir Sahib became more of an ornament in the Sikh empire than a temple. We lost the humility that we should maintain.

Instead of covering the temple with Gold, the Gurudwara committee should make sure:
1. No Sikh should go hungry (anywhere in the world)
2. No Sikh widow should live in poor conditions
3. Every Sikh student should have a right to go to school and should have the finances provided to do so.

I want to end this short note with one small comment,
Our Gurus did not ask for a Gurudwara of Gold.


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  1. Thank you…simple, direct, and true.

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