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Price of Turban will go up.

I recently got a new shipment from India and I was shocked to see the bill.  My cost,  buying in bulk, was up 30%.  I immediately called my family who continue to help me with GoSikh.

The news is that the cost of Cotton, raw material, has gone up 100% in the last 6 months., 3Q 2010 to 1Q 2011.   Since all the Turbans are 100% cotton, the cost of Turban is also up.

Speculation, weather,  increase demand for cotton all have lead to higher prices.

The new inventory will be phased in as the old inventory gets depleted.   So, we will phase in the new prices over X amount of time at increments of 10 cents.

I actually like the price of Turbans today $2.90 a meter but we cannot sustain ourselves at these prices going forward.

Sadly, everything is becoming expensive and we have no control.

I have heard from family and they have said that the new shipment I am expecting in the next few months will be more expensive than the last.  So, the prices of cotton continue to go up.

I simply hate the price fluctuations but this is the way the world works.