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Spending on marketing, is it worth it? how much money should be spent?

A few things are clear:

  • Marketing works, especially when no one has heard about your business.
  • Marketing is expensive

As nothing in life is free, marketing costs money.  I am constantly trying to balance the amount spent on marketing v/s spending the money on a good cause.

I can easily funnel $100 a month more on Google Ads, will it result in more sales, perhaps but there are no guarantees.  So, what is the right amount a small business should spend on marketing? should it be 5% of your monthly sales, 10%? 15%.  It seems there are no right answers.

Lessons learned:

  • We recently turned off our facebook ads, they were no effective and the money was being thrown in some bucket.
  • We are trying not to be greedy, we spend a little and we donate a little, it is a good balance for us.
  • If you serve your customers with the best service you can give and you are treating them well, that is the best you can do for your business and reputation.  We like to treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy, irrespective of the order size.

We will try and switch off Google Ads for a month to see if there is any effect, I doubt it but it will be a good experiment.

Any thoughts, please email us.

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