I am inspired by Patagonia, a company that sells high quality products and is environmentally conscious.

We, at GoSikh, donate a lot of turbans.  A lot of you have a bunch of unused or barely used turbans just sitting around.

We will marry the two ideas. If you have a barely used GoSikh* turban that you don’t need, we will buy it back from you.

We will use you a credit, with no expiration.  The credit will be 30-40% of the cost you paid for that turban, a receipt of purchase is required.  You can use the credit as and how you want, no expiration.

We will wash the turbans and then donate them to one of many causes.

Win win situation.  We reduce the total number of turbans in the world and put the turbans we have to good use.


1. We will only buy back our turbans, receipt required.

2. Turban should be in good condition, else no credit.

3. We don’t reimburse for mailing charges.

4.  No double patti please, no one further wants double patti as donated turban.  If you really want to send it, msg me.

This is our effort to making this world a little better than before.

To start this process, email me that you are sending me x turbans, send receipt with turbans and we will follow up soon.