Bamboo Straw

Bamboo Straw

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Please ONE Free straw per order.  If you want more, please do buy, these do cost us money.

On my travels I see a bunch of people, most people actually, who use plastic straws for one time use drinks.

bamboo straws are made from bamboo grass and is sustainable.

We bring you bamboo straws to try, if you like them, please buy them from us or from another vendor.

Each straw can be used at least 10 times. Rinse after each use and dry it.  If something is stuck in the straw, use a soft cloth to slide in or use a chopstick to clean it.

You can also soak these in hot water mixed with vinegar.

Remember to to keep these dry and you can let them sit in the sun to dry.  Wet straws will tend to get moldy, so keep them dry.

Please carry one or two straws in your bag for drinks you might need these for.

if you feel you have used the straw well, discard it in with your compost, this will compost back to earth in NO time.