Rumalla Natural Cotton – Design C


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This Rumalla Set is a 4 piece set for your home.  It is designed for small Palki.

The simple hand work in this Rumalla set (design C) is done with Natural color threads.

This set is hand made in India with love. This is a lighter set but beautiful nonetheless. Made with love.

Please note: the border on this Rumalla set is not made by us, we used market bought border on this one.  The cost to make this is lower and we are passing that onto you.

Our goal is to create a Rumalla set that is made with the best material, one that is earth friendly and a set that lasts for a looooooong time.

The Rumalla sets are 4 piece sets:
• 1 pc – 42″ X 40″ – Main piece (big picture)
• 1 pc – 42″ X 58″ – Large piece
• 2 pc – 17″ X 20″ – Two small pieces (see other picture)

Hand wash only, don’t wash in machine.  Dry clean is ok.


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