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November 2016 update

Rachel just gave us 6 Turbans.  She makes these with love.  We have 3 turbans in each three and four meters.

Story behind these Turbans.

In early 2015,

we brought you Natural Turban and since then I have been thinking of how we can improve on our offering.

Later in 2015, I met Rachel, she is a upcycle clothing designer and she does do some amazing work.  I told her of our desire to bring dyed Turbans that are not using chemicals.

She said she can dye Turbans with left over metal filings and vinegar.  We talked about water that is left over and how we can process that.  East Bay, the area where we live, unfortunately processes all water as black water.

We are not using any chemicals, what we are doing is taking metal filings that are left over from the metal smith and boiling it and adding vinegar.  That is all.

Rachel does charge us for her work that she does in Oakland.  The work is paying living wages and she is does this work with love.  So, please bear with us as we try and work the price out.

Current dyeing cost is $11 a Turban for the 3 meters and $14 for the 4 meter Turban.  This is just the dyeing costs.

There is one image with the original cloth before dyeing and after dyeing.

3 and 4 meter turbans are a bit short.


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