Blended Assam Tea


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Blended Assam Tea by Sardar Ravi Singh. 16 Tea Bags.  Eco-friendly packaging.

Our journey begins in the valleys of Assam, alongside the Brahmaputra River. Nutrient-rich soil and plentiful annual rainfall provide the ideal conditions for growing outstanding tea. Tea leaves are gently hand-picked, cut into pieces, rolled, dried, and oxidized so that our they develop the nuanced flavors that are characteristic of a full bodied black tea with an exotic aroma. Tea is chosen from the best lots during the season and artfully blended before being packaged into pyramid-shaped sachets that encourage the tea to realize it’s full potential, swelling in hot water to create an infusion with a distinct flavor and aroma that is unique to our tea. Tea By A Sardar can be enjoyed black, with a splash of milk, or as our personal favorite, as traditional Indian-spiced chai latte.