Bali Turbans

A couple years ago on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, I came across an expat who specializes in dyeing cloth with organic dyes and I got a chance to meet him a few times. I was invited to the studio and introduced to local Indonesian Indigo plant. I also saw a big bucket full of Indigo paste that was created from these plants.

I was and still remain amazed as to how the dark blue color comes out of a green color plant. I walked away with knowledge and a desire to someday work on Turbans that are dyed using plant dyes and not industrials dyes. I was in India shortly after that visit to Bali and did some dyeing using Merigold, Chai and other plants, flowers and spices (turmeric). I really liked the outcome and decided to look further into this kind of dyeing.

This year, I happen to swing by Bali and contacted this new friend who can create magic with local dyes. I had mailed him 8 white turbans and told him to do what he felt was best. He outlined the approach and told me that he will create indigo and brown turbans. What you will see in the Bali collection is just that, a few dark Indigo turbans and a few light ones. I have also added the two browns he sent, this brown color is local to Indonesia and is sourced from organic farmers in Indonesia.

The dyes are plant based and 100% natural and organic. The dyes are made by hand starting from plants and the process takes the finished dye to a paste. The paste is then added to water to create different shades of Indigo. The amount of times the cloth is dipped into the dye decides the final color. I was fortunate enough to see the set up but I was not there in person to see the dyeing of these turbans that will remain a secret.

I hope you will consider supporting this eco-friendly initiative that involves Bali, Delhi and Bay Area. We are happy to bring you these 8 Natural Dye Indigo and Indonesian Brown Turbans.

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