Bali Turbans

A couple years ago on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, I came across an expat who specializes in dyeing cloth with organic dyes and I got a chance to meet him a few times. I was invited to the studio and introduced to local Indonesian Indigo plant. I also saw a big bucket full of Indigo paste that was created from these plants.

I was and still remain amazed as to how the dark blue color comes out of a green color plant. I walked away with knowledge and a desire to someday work on Turbans that are dyed using plant dyes and not industrials dyes. I was in India shortly after that visit to Bali and did some dyeing using Merigold, Chai and other plants, flowers and spices (turmeric). I really liked the outcome and decided to look further into this kind of dyeing.

Last year we did 8 Turbans, this year it is 20+ Turbans. What you will see in the Bali collection is just that, a few dark Indigo turbans and a few light ones (to be added soon). I have also added some browns he sent, this brown color is local to Indonesia and is sourced from organic farmers in Indonesia.

The dyes are plant based and 100% natural and organic. The dyes are made by hand starting from plants and the process takes the finished dye to a paste. The paste is then added to water to create different shades of Indigo. The amount of times the cloth is dipped into the dye decides the final color. I was fortunate enough to see the set up but I was not there in person to see the dyeing of these turbans that will remain a secret.

I hope you will consider supporting this eco-friendly initiative that involves Bali, Delhi and Bay Area. We are happy to bring you these 20 odd Natural Dye Indigo and Indonesian Brown Turbans.

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Showing all 2 results