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Kundalini Turban – What else do I need?

This is a followup post to the Which Turban should I buy for Kundalini Yoga. Many of you have emailed us asking us what else would you need.

Allow me to take a go at this.  Besides a white Turban, you might need a Kara and if you are someone that identifies as a female, you might need a Chunni.

Do you need these?  It actually depends upon where you are on your journey.  You will be in class with folks at various stages and some might look the part.  Please don’t feel you have to buy all of these to be a good Yogini or Yogi.  Be you!

We sell Turbans that we hope will serve you for a long time, please please only buy if you will use these until they are worn out.

If for some reason, you are done with Kundalini Yoga, please donate or sell these items to someone starting out.   Lets use and reuse.


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