Jobs is looking for a few people to join our team. All of positions below are PAID (real money and not in Turban material),part-time, very flexible. You dictate the schedule

Requirements for all the jobs::

  • Able to read and speak Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
  • LOVE our community and want to help improve it [yes, there is always room to improve]
  • Extrovert, love people, especially those that wear Turbans 😉
  • Live in the bay area (415,510,408,925 area code)
  • Able to travel to Gurudwaras or other locations in the Bay Area.

Sales Associate

This colleague will be the sales person on the team, they will manage in-person sales and online sales. You will have a lot more control in this role. As we grow, your responsibilities and hours worked will also grow. We would love to have a Sikh sister or brother work in this role as Punjabi language skills are required. This is an entry level position (you can be a Junior or Senior in college).

20 Hours a month (4 days of 5 hours each), flexible schedule, you can help set up your own schedule. You have to be able to meet with me at least once a month.
This is a commission job with base hourly pay.

Please email us if you have any questions.