GoSikh Travel Grant


I have been traveling the globe most of my adult life and I want others to travel too.

GoSikh.com would like to offer one of their customer* this travel grant, the grant is $500 to be used for travel expenses (airfare, train, bus, hostels…).  $500 will be paid after the you have purchased*** your trip.

How to qualify?

  1. Be a Turban wearing Sikh**
  2. Desire to Travel to off the beaten path, pick a destination that most don’t go.
  3. Send us a travel plan.
  4. You are a member of gosikh.com, registered customer.
  5. Be above 16 years old.

What would you produce for this grant?

  1. Share your story via blog or Instagram.
  2. Travel summary for gosikh.com to share with our family and friends.

* registered at gosikh.com or proof of prior purchase.

** why a Turban wearing Sikh?  We sell Turbans, I wear a Turban.  It is not easy traveling with a Turban, especially to off the beaten path.  So, I would like to encourage Sikhs who look like me to travel.

*** proof of purchase and itenary required

One grant per year, you can only win one grant from us.

2019 is still available.

2020 grant will be available on Jan 1st.

If no takers in 2019, two grants will be available in 2020