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finding love

As each part of my soul was cut
I could not believe the amount of hurt
I was causing

A part of me died
A new part of me came alive
I could now be attractive
I could now find love

Why are you looking at me like this?
It is the same me
just a bit more normal
Do you like me?

Hi! Beautiful
My name is Gee Singh
What is your name?
Can i buy you a drink?

A part of me is still dead
but the women love the new me
You have to agree that I look amazing
I am now attractive
I can now find love

The Guru will understand
that I am this new amazing man.
I know I caused a lot of hurt
all this pain so I can find love

My friends cannot understand
why I have a new do.
it is the same me
just a bit more normal

The new me is dashing
I look and smell good everyday
I am attractive
Soon, I hope to find love

*** this whatever was written in 3 mins after I saw a picture of a Sikh sitting in a barber’s chair after his Kesh was cut ***


1 thought on “finding love

  1. if a woman is not able to respect your Guru than will she be able to respect you. Everyone should always follow what their Guru says.

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