A day without immigrants

Gurfateh jio,

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today is 17th of February and today is a general strike called upon by people fighting the immigration changes that are being discussed in the White House and in congress

The USA is built by immigrants, from railroad workers from China to technology companies like Google, Tesla and more.  Some people think that immigrants steal jobs and should be deported.  Well, most immigrants do jobs that no American wants to do or no American can do.

As an immigrant myself who worked on H1B visa because no one besides me could do that particular job.

Today is a general strike called upon by the resist movement and we are requesting you to not buy or spend money today.

Please don’t spend any money today, if you can take a day off, please do so.

We want to show support for all the farm workers who do all the cheaply work of picking fruit, vegetable and grapes.   We want to show support for all the restaurant workers who work their butt off to feed us at most restaurants.

We hope you will come back and buy what you need on 18th of feb, a day later.

My best from California.

Guri Singh

the guy who runs Gosikh.com