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The Rumallas we are starting with are made of Silk and has thread work done on it. Some of the Rumallas will also have mirror work. Each Rumalla set is unique and we will at the most use the same design one more time in the same color. I am very proud of the work done and am equally proud to present these sets to you. I am 100% positive that you will will be impressed and happy with the material and work.

These Rumallas are designed by my mother Surinder Kaur and she along with Sheila Ji were able to make these by hand. It took them countless hours but be rest assured that they are doing this for the love of the work and not the money.

The following Rumalla sets are 4 piece sets:
• 1 pc – 42″ X 40″ – Main piece (big picture)
• 1 pc – 42″ X 58″ – Large piece
• 2 pc – 17″ X 20″ – Two small pieces