About us

Mission Statement:  To serve the Sikh and larger community with minimal environment impact.

Our promise:

  1. We will deliver the best in quality at a fair price and in a timely manner.
  2. We will continue to study and improve our environmental impact.
  3. We will also serve those who are financially unable to buy a turban.
  4. We will not compete with any other business and will not undercut anyone.
  5. We will continue to donate and do seva for Sikhi and non-Sikhi organizations.

Our Team:

Guri Singh :: Chief Servant
Guri started GoSikh (in 2006) to sell Turbans online and it has remained a part time project until middle of 2013.  He loves to serve the Sikh community and the community at large and loves to travel.  While it seems all he does is travel, he spends a decent time working on new products, answering emails, helping other small businesses.

Gurmeet Kaur :: Operations (India)
Gurmeet is one of the women (she is Guri’s mother’s sister or Masi) behind this business, she manages almost all the manufacturing for GoSikh.  Without her, we will not be where we are today.

Surinder Kaur :: Operations (India)
Surinder is the other woman without whom we cannot exist.  She is Guri’s mother and advisor.  She guides GoSikh in making sure we are doing good for the community.

Tak Noguchi :: WebMaster and Advisor
Tak is leading all Website development and changes for us. He is also an Advisor to this micro business.

James West :: Graphics, Owner of PoorBoyWorks.com

Emeritus team members:
They have helped us get this far along, thanks for your help.

Vien Lam :: has worked with me since 2004, almost a decade. He has helped with Photography, website and with Logistics. Thanks Vien and good luck.

Bonny You :: has helped with GoSikh.com as a developer. We continue to use her design as we make revisions to the website. Thanks Bonny.

Saill White :: has helped build this new website.  She is ROCKSTAR and is good with web design and ecommerce solutions.

Prabh Kaur Nijjar :: Marketing Intern (Bay Area)
Summer 2015